That's me with a full sized Great Blue Heron. The Great Horned owl is 1/2 size and the third carving is a full size Northern Spotted Owl - perfect for the owner of a lumber mill in Oregon. The Barn owl is about 8" tall.

duck carving wildfowl carving owl carving owl carving

The Common Loon is about 2/3 size, the Drake Mallard is full size, and of course - Hedwig.

bird carving  decoy carving  decoy carving

The standing goose is about 12" high. The Harlequin Drake was a college graduation gift for my daughter.

 decoy carving  duck carving

The Hooded Merganzer is full sized and in breeding plumage. The second carving is a full size Canvas Back Drake.

 decoy carving  decoy carving

The Red Tailed Hawk is full sized while the Bald Eagle is 1/3 size.

 hawk carving  eagle carving

This is a smooth bodied Avocet Shore Bird. The carving won Best of Division for Shore Birds at the Idaho Wood Carvers Competition in Boise, Idaho and a blue ribbon at the Pacific Flyway Competition in Sacramento. The other bird is a Ruddy Duck.

 shore bird carving  duck carving

This is a 1/3 sized Golden Eagle.

 Golden Eagle carving  eagle carving  eagle carving

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