I have always loved nativity scenes so I decided to start carving my own sets. I bought a few books on anatomy and carving human forms, I experimented with several styles, and bought a couple of pattern books to learn the basics of carving the nativity. Eventually I decided I liked some of the detail work of the European carvers combined with the simplicity and antique feel of American folk art. I designed my own set, made clay figures to test my designs and started carving. I still have those clay models and am constantly redesigning the figures (I may move an arm, tilt a head differently or even totally redesign a character). I am also experimenting with new figures. I am working on shepherds that are sitting and kneeling, Mary and Joseph and a donkey walking towards Bethlehem and even camels and horses for the wise men. Below are a few pictures of some sets I have carved and some stable scenes I have experimented with. **click on the picture to see a larger view.

I entered this set in the 2010 Idaho Artistry In Wood competition and earned a blue ribbon. ** click on the picture to see a larger picture

I also carve some other Christmas items - Santa Claus carvings.


Here is a nine inch Santa carving walking and leaning into the wind. It was really a lot of fun to carve.

Most of my carvings are sold as commissions but I do have carvings that are for immediate sale and can be seen at the See What is For Sale page on my website. If you are interested in a commission please contact me. The carvings for immediate sale can be purchased with Paypal or by contacting me by e-mail or snail mail.

Below are links to pages that include some carvings for immediate sale, galleries of past carvings, links to other web sites, some great web cams of Montana and information about John L. Clarke, a Blackfeet carver born in 1881.

Go to the main gallery Go to the Antique Decoy Gallery See the NAWLA Eagle See what is For Sale Montana webcams Web sites that may interest you The Name: Wild Goose Island John L. Clarke, Blackfoot Carver

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